Ahmet Murat DOYMAZ ( DA )


He was born in Izmir in 1985 and moved to Austria with his family when he was 4 year old. He completed his education life in Austria, and he completed his undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Civil Engineering and Architecture in Vienna Technical University. He worked as a research assistant on urban planning in Istanbul Technical University and ecological buildings in the Energy Institute of the Austrian Ministry of Energy. He gave lectures on ecological planning at Vienna Technical University. After doing internships in many architectural offices in Vienna, he founded "DOYMAZ ARCHITECTUR" an architecture office in 2011 together with his wife Adile Sümeyye Doymaz, who is a graduate of Vienna Technical University, and formed "DA & MBG ARCHITECTS" brand in the same year by combining his offices with Metin Burak Güner. Until today, the architectural offices, which have signed more of a hundred project, give professional services in a wide range of fields. He is a German native speaker, and he speaks English in advanced level and intermediate level in Arabic.

He is currently continuing his academic studies at the Technical University of Vienna.


Metin Burak GÜNER ( MBG )


He was born in Bursa in 1987. He completed his education at the Architecture Department of Balıkesir University. He completed his graduate studies at the Vienna Technical University "Master Building Science and Technology". He made a lot of internship in architecture offices in Austria and Spain. In 2010, he created ''MBG ARCHITECTURE STUDIO'' AND İN 2011 the "DA & MBG ARCHITECTS" brand by combining it with "DOYMAZ ARCHITEKTUR" . Metin Burak Güner, who has signed many national and international projects, is fluent in English and intermediate level in Arabic.

He is still continuing his academic studies at Yıldız Technical University.